Dryland training in the off season.

Hollyburn girls on Hollyburn Ridge.

Oh the places you’ll go,
when you travel on snow!

The fun doesn’t end after the snow has melted!

You never know where an adventurous ski tour might end up.


Chelsea Nordiq exchange

Hollyburn and Sea to Sky Nordics are jointly hosting a group of 12-13 year old skiers from the Chelsea Nordiq ski club. Funded by the Canada Sports Friendship Exchange Program, our Hollyburn/Sea to Sky contingent will complete the exchange in February when they journey to Quebec. You can follow the fun activities via this group’s blog posts.

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viaSport Event Feature:  2016 Teck BC Championships

The following video feature was made by viaSport when Hollyburn hosted the 2016 BC Championships.

Check the Cypress Mountain Nordic Conditions as well. Only if the Nordic area is closed will scheduled program sessions be cancelled.