Training Materials

Below are some useful documents and coach training materials. Note, some documents are quite large and may take a while to download.

Club Materials

The documents below are a collection of useful materials written by coaches or the coaching committee over the years.

  • Classic Exercises
    A listing of some useful exercises for practicing various classic technique skills.
  • Games for Cross Country Skiing
    A collection of games that can be used for improving cross country skiing technique and becoming comfortable on skis.
  • Never Ever Lesson
    A method of starting off someone who has never ever skied before.
  • Waxing Course Info
    Written by Jake Weaver based on a waxing course that he took in November, 2003. It contains some good information regarding the waxing of cross country skis.

Nordiq Canada Materials

L2T(On-Snow) Workshops Reference Materials

L2T(Dryland) Workshops Reference Materials

CC Workshop Reference Materials


Other Documents

These documents are from various organizations that contain material relevant to coaching cross country skiers.

More information coming soon.