Program Registration Guide

The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club places children by both skill level and age. During the first session there is the opportunity for coaches to move the child if an incorrect placement has been made. For those parents that are new to the club and require some additional information, the following table provides you with some guidelines:

Age on December 31Previous XC ski experienceAthleticInterest in skiing fast or racingProgram
YesYesJackrabbit 1
6NoJackrabbit 1
YesJackrabbit 1
YesYesJackrabbit 2
7NoJackrabbit 1
YesJackrabbit 2
YesYesJackrabbit 3
8NoNoNoJackrabbit 2
YesNoNoJackrabbit 2
YesYesNoJackrabbit 3
YesNoYesJackrabbit 3
YesYesYesJackrabbit 4
(see below)
YesNoNoJackrabbit 3
YesYesNoJackrabbit 4
YesNoYesJackrabbit 4
YesYesYesJackrabbit 4
10 to 12NoNoNoNovice1
(see below)
YesNoNoTrack Attack
YesYesNoTrack Attack
YesYesYesTrack Attack
13YesYesYesTrack Attack or Teen programs
13 to 19Refer to Teen Programs on Our Programs page for guidance
19+Graduate Racing Program, coach, or other volunteer

  1. Novice Skiers:  If you have a 9-12 year old who is new to cross country skiing, go to our Contact page and send a “Registration Inquiry” or phone Morna at 604‑988‑4011 to discuss your child’s situation. Some children have difficulty keeping pace with the group, resulting in an unenjoyable experience. They might be better served taking the beginner lessons offered by Cypress before joining the club. We would be happy to speak with you about this.