Coaching Courses and Schedule

Being a coach is a fun and rewarding experience. The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club will be offering coach training sessions to help you deliver a positive and fun learning experience to the kids. It is a great opportunity to get out of the house, meet other new coaches (experienced ones too) and improve your fitness and siing technique.

These sessions are open to all members of the club irrespective of skiing ability. You should come out if:

  • You are not a coach but are interested in becoming one
  • You are already a coach and would like to improve your coaching methods as well as your skiing technique
  • You are not a coach but are interested in becoming one in subsequent years
  • You are interested in becoming a coach’s assistant to help an experienced coach and determine if you would like to coach in future years

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), which is the training program that the club uses for coaching training, is undergoing a transition to a competency-based approach. The key improvements include:

  • A greater emphasis on coach abilities; certification based on a proven ability to do versus simply to know.
  • Coach training and certification based on the needs of the participants and as experiential as possible.

Amongst other significant changes, there is no longer a Level 1. It has become Community Coaching courses. For more information, go to Cross Country Canada’s web site for a full description.

This season, we are offering the following key courses:

  • The NCCP Introduction to Community Coaching (ICC) Workshop is a requirement for all new coaches. Without this course, you cannot teach in our program. This program allows you to teach Jackbunnies and is the first of the NCCP coaching courses.
  • The NCCP Community Coaching (CC) Workshop is also a  requirement for all new coaches, which allows you to teach up to the Jackrabbit level. With the addition of post-course assignments and an evaluation, you become a certified community coach.

The training sessions that we offer will help with your personal ski technique, provide you with a bigger “Bag of Tricks” for teaching the kids and will be a good fitness workout. Additional clinics or training may be offered throughout the season.

Look at the Calendar for dates to fit into your schedule. Please ensure your availability for both the selected program sessions and the required training before signing up as a coach.