Volunteer Positions

The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club depends on the dedicated volunteers to fulfill a wide variety of fun and exciting roles. Please consider the following opportunities below and register for one of the many important positions that need to be filled.

Note, you sign up as a volunteer as part of the registration process when you register your children. Volunteers must also sign up as club members (due to insurance requirements).

  • All new coaching positions require pre-approval: please send a Coaching Inquiry via our Contact page.
  • All other volunteer positions: for more information, please send a Volunteer Inquiry on our Contact page.

The following positions qualify for early registration and the registration discount. They also exempt you from paying the non-volunteer fee.

New Weekend Coaches

If you are an experienced cross country skier who would like to take the coaching courses and pass on your skills and enthusiasm to kids, then this is the place for you. Coaches qualify for a fee discount and early registration. Further details and commitments required are available on our Coaches page. Please ensure that you are able to make the required commitments before registering for this position. Those not fulfilling their commitments will not be allowed to coach in subsequent seasons.

Please note: Level 3/4 and TA coaches should commit to either a weekend OR an evening session.

Returning Weekend Coaches

Use your previous training to continue as a coach. Additional training is available to raise your coaching level. Coaches qualify for a fee discount and early registration. Further details and commitments required are available on our Coaches page. Please ensure that you are able to make the required commitments before registering for this position. Those not fulfilling their commitments will not be allowed to coach in subsequent seasons. Please note: Coaching Level 3 and up requires solid skills in both skate and classic technique and the continuation of the L2T Dryland and the L2T on Snow coaching certifications.

Please note: Level 3/4 and TA coaches should commit to either a weekend OR an evening session.

Weekday Evening Coaches

Please contact the Coaching Coordinator before registering for this position.

We will recruit 4-5 coaches dedicated to each weeknight session (Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday evenings). These coaches must be competent skate and classic skiers and either have taken or be planning to take L2T training. They will be expected to coordinate among themselves to split the kids into groups and be sure to communicate among themselves if they have to miss a session. (Weekend coaches who want to develop their technique and coaching skills will be encouraged to join in these sessions for their own development and knowledge transfer.)

Jackrabbit Program Coordinator

The Jackrabbit Program Coordinator oversees the Bunny and Jackrabbit session coordinators, program outline and coaches for those programs. This involves arranging the skiers into groups, working with the coaching coordinator to arrange coaches, and holding pre-season meetings for parents and coaches. 

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Track Attack Program Coordinator

The Track Attack Program Coordinator sets the program outline and groups together with the Head Coach, coordinates the team for races including Track Attack Championship and provides regular communication to the skiers and coaches.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Track Attack Head Coach

The Track Attack Head Coach oversees all the Track Attack coaches and works with the Program coordinator to set the program outline.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Facilities Coordinator

If you are handy, this is a good position.  The job is to make sure that the wax hut is in good condition, arrange for and/or complete repairs and renovations as needed. Periodically check the hut to make sure that it is clean and tidy. At the end of the season work with the program coordinators to make sure that the hut is clean and tidy and that unneeded items are disposed of as needed. You will need to coordinate budgets and costs with the executive and to coordinate any external work with Cypress Mountain.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Equipment Coordinator

This position is good if you know skis and waxing. The club needs you to maintain the club ski and pole inventory; make sure the skis and poles are in good condition; wax the skis at the beginning of the season and as needed throughout the season; determine when new skis/poles need to be purchased and coordinate the purchase with the executive; and maintain a list of skis/poles that are borrowed for races, and make sure they are returned. You must also keep an inventory of the club tents, check that they are in good condition and arrange for repairs as needed.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Terrain Playground and Adventure Trail Coordinator

If you are creative, the club needs you to liaise with the Executive and Cypress  to develop and maintain a terrain park and adventure trail with a team of volunteers. This will make skiing fun for our young athletes while they improve their balance!

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Session Coordinator

(One for each weekend session)

Each session needs a group and coach coordinator whose overall responsibilities involve getting kids into their groups, helping to coordinate group switches as required, bring out coaching equipment, manage bibs, communicate skills list to coaches for each level, coordinate report cards with coaches, and provide general support to coaches as needed. This coordinator should be someone who is familiar with the Skills Development Program and ideally someone who has coached before.

The session coordinator will help to organize special technical sessions such as the Birkebeiner and the Sprint Day with the assistant coordinator and other parent volunteers.

The Session Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator, and Skate Ski Coordinator for each session need to communicate and work as a team.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Hot Chocolate Coordinator

(One for each weekend session)

The Hot Chocolate Coordinator is responsible for making hot chocolate for the Jackrabbits Groups for the session and handing it out to the coaches at the beginning of the session. 

(Filled for 2021/22 season)

Assistant Session Coordinator

(One for each weekend session)

The Assistant Coordinators help the Coordinators as needed to run the sessions, organize events, and to be a back-up Session Coordinator in the event of any absences.

(Filled for Sun AM and Sun PM 2021/22 season) 

Skate Ski Coordinator

(One for each weekend session)

Each weekend morning session needs a Skate Ski Coordinator who will be responsible for assigning skate skis to Jackrabbits 3 & 4 on skate ski weekend sessions (every other weekend). They will be required to bring out the skate skis and poles to the designated meeting area each skate session. After the session, the skis will need to be collected from skiers, returned to the wax hut, and sanitized.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Evening Session Coordinator

Each evening session (Tues / Wed / Thur) will need a Coordinator who will be responsible for setting up the designated meeting area, and giving out the skate skis on skate weeks. The coordinator will assist the coaches in arranging groups and taking attendance.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Volunteer Coordinator

If you like managing people and are very organized, this crucial Executive role includes coordinating volunteers for some of our bigger events (e.g. Coast Cups, other races, Lantern Ski etc.), seeking out additional volunteers if key roles are not filled (e.g. session coordinators, coaches etc.), organizing the end of year volunteer appreciation night, club clothing purchases, and organizing work groups (e.g. building a ski terrain park). Our club has over a hundred volunteers, so the scope is as big as you make it. To qualify you must be highly organized, enjoy working with people and understand the complexities of the club. The Executive meets about ten times a year.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Coaching Coordinator

The key responsibilities of this role are recruiting and onboarding coaches and overseeing the Coaching Administrator. This includes advising coaches of training they should attend, working with program coordinators to allocate coaches, support start of season meetings, and arrange for coaching support by the club’s senior coaches when required. In addition, this person works with senior club coaches to set up a pre-season technique refresher session for returning coaches as well as technique upgrading sessions throughout the season for both classic and skating technique. Excellent communication skills are required and an understanding of coaching cross country skiing. This position is on the club Executive and attends Executive meetings.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Coaching Administrator

This is a role to provide administrative support to the coaching coordinator.  Duties include helping to set up courses ( including booking facilities, recording attendees, providing refreshments and confirming course details with Cross Country BC and attendees), perform teen coach admin (updating/collecting contracts, tracking hours, coordinating evaluations and arranging for salaries), annual renewal of coaching resources (coaching video subscriptions, coaching handbook, work with web-site coordinator to make sure the Hollyburn coaching page web-site is up to date etc) and coach record keeping including tracking coaching course certification, coaching licenses  and criminal record checks. This person does not need to be a coach but requires good organizational skills.

Masters Program Coordinator

The Masters Program runs once a week and focuses on skiers who are interested in refining their technique. The coordinator will confirm the attendees, arrange skiers in groups and outline the program for the season. Many of the attendees are coaches themselves and it provides a great opportunity to help support developing coaches. Additionally, they will provide technical coaching support to other coaches when required. 

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Adventurers Coordinator

The Adventurers Program Coordinator sets the program outline and groups together with the coaches. 

(Filled for 2021/22 season)

Competition Chief

(More than one possible position)

The Club needs people to take leadership roles in running competitions at Whistler Olympic Park. If you have your level 2 Officiating course or commit to getting it this fall, and take on a Chief or Assistant Chief role for at least two competitions (Coast Cup 1, Westerns, or the P’ayak), then you qualify for early registration and the fee discount.

Communication Coordinator

The Communication Coordinator oversees club communication including creating ongoing newsletters, support for program communication and generally making sure all members know what is going on in the club. 

(Filled for 2021/22 season)

The following positions DO NOT qualify for early registration and the registration discount, however they count towards your volunteer requirements that exempt you from paying the non-volunteer fee.

PAID Student Coaches

If you are a Racer or Adventurer who would like to start coaching or continue coaching Bunnies, Jackrabbits or Track Attack skiers, please register for the session that you can commit to and make sure you have signed up for the ICC and CC coach training (or L2T if applicable). Pay will range from $13 per hour for first year coaches, $15 for second year and $17 thereafter. Further details and commitments required are available on our Coaches page. For information on expectations for Student Coaches see the 2016 Teen Coach Contract. Please ensure that you are able to make the required commitments before registering for this position. Those not fulfilling their commitments will not be allowed to coach in subsequent seasons. Minimum age: 14 years old.

Backup Coach

If you are a certified coach who can’t commit to coaching the entire season, but are able to fill in occasionally for coaches who are sick or away, then this would be a good position for you.

Ski Swap Coordinator

Many members of the club have skis and other equipment that they would like to pass on to other members. We need a volunteer to lead the organization of a ski swap. Previous years this has been held at the AGM but it may make sense for this to be held at a separate time to allow for a wider participation if possible.

Competition Chief Volunteers

There are six key positions involved in running the competitions at Whistler Olympic Park, the volunteer coordinator, race secretary, chief of timing, chief of course, chief of stadium, food coordinator (or more). Most of these roles require you to complete the level 1 Officiating course and volunteer for at least two competitions.  These events include Coast Cup, Westerns, or the P’ayak; check the Club Calendar for details.

Competition Volunteers

Volunteering for at least two competitions the Club is helping host at Whistler Olympic Park. While the Club pays for you to take the Officiating courses, which is preferred, there are roles you can take on without certification such as food preparation, course marshalling, course or stadium setup. Further details on when officiating course are held are in the club Calendar.

Terrain Park Volunteers

Assisting the Facilities and Equipment Coordinator, we need three volunteers for Saturday mornings and two for Sunday mornings to make sure there are good terrain park features and lanes for the ski skills development.

Website Coordinator

If you are experienced in managing website information, the club needs someone to keep information up to date.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Club Clothing Coordinator

Oversee the purchase of clothing (racing suits and jackets) for club members. Work with suppliers for sizing, purchasing and shipping. Coordinate delivery to members.
(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Assistant Clothing Coordinator

Assists the Club Clothing Coordinator.

Club Van Manager

Responsible for maintenance of the club van.

(Filled for 2021/22 season) 

Race Team Volunteers

Please contact race team coach Jake Weaver if interested in volunteering for the following race team positions.

There are several positions, listed below, where parents/guardians of race team members can help out. If you are interested in volunteering for the race team, contact Jake and sign up as a Race Team Volunteer. The exact positions will be decided at a race team meeting.

Race Team Travel Coordinator

Research and book team accommodations for race trips, camps and other events.

Race Team Food Coordinator

Menu planning and grocery shopping for team camps and race trips.

Race Team Bookkeeper

Manage finances for the race team in coordination with the club Treasurer.

Race Team Equipment and Wax Manager

Oversee the use and maintenance of team equipment, including roller skis. Keep track of the race team wax inventory and assist in making orders.

Race Team General Assistant

Take on tasks as requested by the Race Team Head Coach.

Race Team Wax Hut Cleanup Coordinator

Oversee and make a roster for race team members to do regular cleanup of the club wax hut.

Race Team Sponsorship Coordinator

Promote the team to potential sponsor and maintain communication with existing sponsors.

Jackrabbit Special Event Volunteer

To attend and help organize kids and activities at the Coast Cup at Whistler and special event days at Cypress (Lantern ski, Birkebiener, Fun day, sprints etc.). Volunteers expected to help out at a minimum of three events. 12 positions are available.

Outreach Coordinator

The outreach coordinator will coordinate and work with interested Hollyburn members to define Hollyburn outreach objectives (e.g. help financially challenged youth experience cross country skiing), develop a plan (i.e. dates, budget, and required resources), obtain Hollyburn executive approval, and implement the approved plan.