Coaching Certification Process

Required Coaching Certification

Being a coach is both rewarding and a whole lot of fun. You don’t need to be a superstar skier but it does require commitment and some competency on skis, skiing both uphill and downhill. You should be able to ski most trails confidently.

Don’t worry, many coaches started out uncertain of their abilities. The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club is a supportive environment for you to develop your skiing and coaching skills.

Once you have decided that you want to be a coach, the club sponsors your training:

  • The first course is Introduction to Community Coaching Workshop, which introduces you to the Jackrabbit program and coaching. This is a day-long course that allows you to coach Bunnies (up to age six).
  • The second course is the Community Coaching Workshop, which runs over a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday in classroom and on-snow sessions. It will allow you to teach Jackrabbits (non-competitive).

These courses are offered before the regular Jackrabbit and Bunny program starts. Insurance coverage requires all coaches to have both courses as a minimal requirement, even if you are only planning on coaching Bunnies. Please check the club calendar for the exact dates of these courses.

The two courses will instruct you in various coaching and teaching strategies, proper ski technique, class management, and games and drills for teaching cross-country skiing. Your skiing will definitely improve and you will gain a new understanding of the sport of cross country skiing.

Our club also offers in-house training sessions to familiarize you with the teaching terrain at the Cypress Mountain Cross Country ski area and to let you network with the other club coaches. Our experienced coaches are the backbone of our club and have lots of great ideas to share. Whenever possible, we attempt to pair new coaches with experienced coaches.

Additional Coaching Certification

If you would like to coach Track Attack, Adventurers or the racing program, you need to complete additional courses to achieve certification at the Learning to Train and possibly Training to Train level. Each of these levels has two components – a dryland and on-snow workshop. Check Cross Country Canada’s Coaching Development website page for further details about the NCCP coaching structure. Check the club calendar for course offerings each season.