A group of young skiers


Download the Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club 2023/24 Jackrabbit Coaches’ Manual (pdf)

Download coaching drills and games for Jackrabbits 4 and Track Attack (pdf)

Coaches, please remember the following:

  • We are skiing in a public ski area; we do not receive any special preference. Please be aware of this, share the trails and always remain courteous towards the skiing public.
  • All skiers must display their trail passes upon entry into the ski trails, including coaches and program participants. If requested to do so by Cypress personnel, please show your pass, even if you’ve been skiing at Cypress for years and think they should recognize you.
  • Please try not to block trails. When playing games, find a little-used trail or area. When stopped for ski demonstrations or other reasons, remember to keep your group of children to the side.
  • The main entrance of Cypress Cross Country becomes particularly congested. When organizing your group beforehand or when returning after your session, please take your group well off the main trail to in behind the club waxing hut.
  • Please ensure that your group of skiers is going dead slow as they enter the base area.

Courses and Schedules

Certification Process

Training Materials


Criminal Background Checks – Now done online. Please contact the Registrar with a “Registration Inquiry” for more info.

Student (Teen) Coaches – Enjoy working with children, earning a bit of money and helping the club out. Please contact the Registrar for more info.