Background Checks

All Coaches, 19 years and older, volunteering for the Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club are required to submit a Criminal Records Check to their local police department. This check will be required every 5 years. In July 2010 a revised National Criminal Background Check (CBC) policy was introduced that is more thorough than previous searches. We can now do our checks online, free of charge (other than a “flagged” individual). A separate email will be sent once coaches are finalized regarding the police check.

The new police screening measure is intended to search out pardoned sex offenders who change their names after release, seek positions of trust, to prey on young victims again. The Criminal Background Check now searches to see if “date of birth” and “gender” match (flagged) with any of the 14,000 pardoned sex offenders in the National database. The stricter Criminal Background Checks will better ensure the safety of our children and youth participating in sports. If the search “does not” come up ‘flagged’ (no match). It will be processed “the old way”.

If the search “does” come up ‘flagged’ with someone on the RCMP database (if you are male, there is a 1 in 4 chance for a positive result) , then the following process will occur:

  • You will be asked to come in for fingerprinting.
  • The fingerprints will be sent to Ottawa for screening for sexual predatory offences.

The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club will cover all the costs for the CBC and subsequent fingerprinting, if required.

Volunteer applications should be free of charge however, if required, please pay and submit to the club for reimbursement. In order to receive reimbursement, you will need to scan and e-mail a copy of the receipt along with your full name, address and coaching role to the Club Registrar. Contact our Registrar by sending a “Registration Inquiry” from our Contact page.