Club fees are kept as low as possible but are required in order to pay for the operation of the club, insurance, Cross Country B.C. membership and coach training amongst other items. You can expect to pay the following fees:

  • Membership Fee
    This mandatory fee must be paid by each registering member, including program registrants, volunteers (including coaches and excluding those families who volunteer only) and bunny parents who ski with their children. Choose either the Family Membership option or the Individual Membership option. At least one adult per family must register as a club member. Memberships are non-transferable.
  • Program Fee
    Fees are charged for each of the programs that we offer. There is a discount for coaches, session coordinators and other key volunteers that register during the early registration period.
  • Non-Volunteer Fee
    The club relies on our volunteers and encourages at least one parent/guardian to help out in some capacity. We, however, understand that other life demands sometimes make it impossible to volunteer. Instead of volunteering, you can opt out by paying the non-volunteer fee. Parents skiing with Bunnies will be exempt from this.
  • Trail Passes and Equipment Rental (Cypress)
    These fees are set by and paid to Cypress Mountain directly. Cypress manages the cross country ski area and is completely independent from the Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club. All coaches, bunny parents skiing with children and program participants must purchase trail passes from Cypress.
  • Other Fees
    Separate registrations and additional fees may be required for events that the club participates in, such as the Coast Cup races and Coast Outdoors’ P’ayakentsut. Although we strongly encourage club members to participate in these events as they are considered part of the club program, they are not mandatory.

Please note the following:

  • In addition to children signing up for a club program, at least one adult per family must register as a member. For the Bunny program, this adult must be the one accompanying the child (this parent therefore cannot volunteer as a coach).
  • Due to the additional skiing that they will be doing, Race team, Jackrabbit levels 3 and 4, Track Attack and Adventurer program registrants should purchase a season pass from Cypress. The weekend session pass will not suffice.
  • There will be a 15% charge for refunds required due to errors made by the registrant during online registration. This is to cover the fees charged to the club by Zone4 and the credit card companies.
  • A discount is offered during the early registration period only to volunteer coaches and other key volunteers. See your registration notification email for further details.

2023/24 Club Fees

Family Membership (select either family membership or individual memberships, not both) 95.00
Individual Membership – Adult (19 and over) 28.00
Individual Membership – Child/Youth (18 and under) 28.00
Bunnies (10 sessions) 185.00
Jackrabbits Level 1 and 2 (10 Cypress and 2 Whistler Olympic Park race sessions) 185.00
Jackrabbits Level 3 and 4 (10 Cypress; 2 Whistler Olympic Park race and 10 mid-week sessions) 270.00
Track Attack (October to March, includes dry-land sessions) 320.00
Adventurers (10 Cypress; 2 Whistler Olympic Park race and 10 mid-week sessions) 270.00
Race Team600.00
Adult/Masters (Coaches)185.00
Adult/Masters (Others)235.00
Non-Volunteer Fee200.00
Key Volunteer Discount (per parent/guardian who is a key volunteer, max 2)-$50

Cypress Mountain Fees

Club members are responsible for arranging their own trail passes and, if required, ski equipment rentals. For the Jackbunnies, including bunny parents, Jackrabbit Levels 1 and 2 and their coaches, Cypress has weekend session passes available, which are good only during the weekend sessions for which you have signed up. For all others, season passes are the best option due to the additional non-weekend skiing involved.

Cypress Season Passes

Season passes can be purchased from Cypress and promotions are available from early spring. See https://cypressmountain.com/season-passes for further information.  

Cypress Weekend Session Passes – 2023/24

Information for purchasing the passes and rentals below will be included in the final registration confirmation, which is sent out some time after registration closes once all of the registrations have been reviewed by the registrar. Rentals are for classic skis only; Cypress cannot guarantee skate equipment on a regular basis.

  • Session time must be chosen at the time of purchase Sat AM, Sun AM or Sun PM. 
  • The passes are not valid during the days of any Coast Cup, BC Cup or other events that are part of the Program Schedule or the Payak.
  • Please note that the prices below do not include GST/PST.

Cypress weekend sessions only
(tickets and rentals purchased directly from Cypress Mountain)
(8 sessions, excluding GST/PST)
(9 sessions, excluding GST/PST)
Trail Passes – Ages 5 and under 20.0022.50
Trail Passes – Ages 6 – 1272.00
Trail Passes – Ages 13 – 18 84.0094.50
Trail Passes – Coaches 18 and under117.60132.30
Trail Passes – Adult Coaches184.80207.90
Trail Passes – Bunny Parents (skiing with child) 192.00216.00

Seasonal Rental Ad-On
Adult/Youth Seasonal Rental Add-On: $190
Child/5 and Under (Bunny) Rental Add-On: $126

Financial Assistance

If you require financial support to register your children, the following organizations may be able to assist with funding of registration fees.  Please check their web sites for further details:

Canadian Tire Jump Start, KidSport North ShoreKidSport BC, Athletics for Kids

And for our older Junior Development Program athletes who are now traveling to competitions across the province and country, financial assistance can be applied for here:

Canadian Sport Institute Travel Grant, Rising Star Grant, Team Investors Group Amateur Athletes Fund