Year President/Lead Coordinator # Members Notes/Highlights
Pre‑1985 Indications are that a Jackrabbit club existed at Hollyburn Ridge (Cypress Cross Country).
1985‑86 Sally Thomson 70‑80 Rabbits First year at Seymour. It was more of a program than a club. Club started with Sunday morning and afternoon sessions only, lasting four Sundays.
1986‑87 Sally Thomson,
Reidar Zapf-Gilje
70‑80 Rabbits Sally successfully negotiated to run the program at Cypress. Recruited Reidar Zapf-Gilje to help with the organization. Also recruited Richard Routledge to help.
1987-88 Sally Thomson,
Reidar Zapf-Gilje
1988-89 Sally Thomson,
Reidar Zapf-Gilje
1989-90 Sally Thomson,
Rick Routledge,
Monte Chan (Cypress)
Approximately 150 Rabbits Rick Routledge took over on an interim basis and arranged for Cypress to help by collecting fees. This was the last year that Rick was to take part as his daughter was about to complete the program. At the end of the year, Rick Routledge and Rick Polliquin approached Cypress about running the club on the understanding that it would remain primarily a volunteer-based program. Monte Chan, a Cypress employee, was selected to head the program. He was sent to Edmonton to take the Jackrabbit Course Conductor course. Cypress provides full weekend passes for leaders.
1990-91 Monte Chan (Cypress) Just over 200 Rabbits
1991-92 Monte Chan (Cypress) 298 Rabbits Highest Jackrabbit membership in Canada.
1992-93 Velvet Bailes (Cypress) Cypress limits registration to maximum 60 members per session.
1993-94 Velvet Bailes (Cypress)
1994-95 Tom Bell Program no longer run by Cypress, although Cypress still handles registrations. Club required to purchase passes for leaders.
1995-96 Tom Bell
1996-97 Tom Bell 159 Rabbits
46 Leaders
Club is incorporated as a society under the Societies Act. Click here to see the original constitution. The club now handles its own registrations and is completely separate from Cypress. Club database developed by Richard Rickard, the treasurer and registrar for this and the next three seasons.
1997-98 Linda Bell 121 Rabbits
37 Leaders
1998-99 Linda Bell 136 Rabbits
34 Leaders
First club web site developed.
1999-2000 Erin Kenny 154 Rabbits
32 Leaders
2000-01 Erin Kenny 171 Rabbits
42 Leaders
2001-02 Norm Laube 172 Rabbits
36 Leaders
Club Position Descriptions developed to identify key roles within the club. First orienteering event is held. First ski swap held at Sigge’s. A strong group of people forming the executive starts looking at the program in depth and changing things like registration dates.
2002-03 Brad Gilbert 224 Rabbits
47 Leaders
Program expands from six to seven weekend sessions. Events held for our first Beckie Scott Day celebration. Rabbit Challenge program developed for those that wish to compete or train more extensively; 12 skiers take part, skiing Wednesday night in addition to Sunday morning. Club web site completely revamped by a professional web developer.
2003-04 Norm Laube 245 Rabbits
59 Coaches
493 Members
Pre-registration day held at Cypress in October. Club holds its first races. On December 12th the LegaciesNow Ski Tournament is held, which is a fun race for Jackrabbits that is also used to introduce new children to the sport of cross country skiing. Introduction of Tuesday night “Chicks on Sticks” informal ski for women. On March 21st, in conjunction with the Nordic Racers Ski Club, the club hosts the Holly Burn Sprint Race. Rabbit Challenge registration jumps to 35, with Thursday being added as a second weekday evening option. At least one parent/guardian per household is now required to be a member.
2004-05 Norm Laube 292 Rabbits
72 Coaches
599 Members
Club renames “Rabbit Challenge” to “Racing Rabbits”, focusing more on competitions. Introduction of Racing Midgets for 12 and 13-year-olds. Introduction of Teens on Skis, Thursday night Rabbit Romp and Wednesday morning adult ski programs. Changeover to the new NCCP Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) program for coaches to replace Level 1. New stylish coaches’ vests introduced. Corporate sponsorship program initiated. Club wins B.C. Midget Championships aggregate award. Club recognized as a model club at the joint CCBC/CCC AGM in Kelowna and is profiled in the CCBC Ski Cross Country magazine. The Club’s first 5-year Strategic Plan is released.
2005-06 Norm Laube 294 Program Participants
81 Coaches
571 Members
Racing program expands to include Juveniles and renamed to “Racing Program”. Expands to Saturday morning in addition to Sunday morning, with Wednesday and Thursday evening sessions. Teen program expands to Sunday afternoon and Saturday morning in addition to Sunday morning. Two Thursday Rabbit Romp sessions offered and also Rabbit Romp sessions on Sundays before the regular program starts. New white bibs used for program sessions. Online registration introduced with registration notification and confirmation now sent via e-mail. Club wins B.C. Midget Championships aggregate award for second consecutive year.
2006-07 Norm Laube 254 Program Participants
73 Coaches
540 Members
First paid head coach, Petr Jackl, is hired. Session trail passes introduced and all passes and rentals now handled exclusively by Cypress. New B.C. Ski League program introduced, which resulted in our first sprint day being run. The annual Lantern Ski is introduced. Club wins B.C. Midget Championships aggregate award for third consecutive year.
2007-08 Norm Laube 274 Program Participants
69 Coaches
530 Members
Program sessions expanded from seven to nine. Club runs first two events ever in Callaghan Valley’s Whistler Olympic Park – Coast Cup #1 2007 and the B.C. Winter Games Trials / HJSC Open. Old badge program completely phased out. Racing program has record 65 members. Club wins B.C. Midget Championships aggregate award for fourth consecutive year.
2008-09 Norm Laube 261 Program Participants
70 Coaches
488 Members
Completed the transition to the new Skill Development Program with the addition of Track Attack Program and the adjustment of the Racing Program. Adjusted session lengths to more closely match what is recommended by Cross Country Canada. Club hosts the B.C. Midget Championships at Whistler Olympic Park on February 28 to March 1 for the first time ever. Full-time coach Abi Holt is hired. Club van purchased. Club waxing and storage building is built at Cypress.
2009-10 Dirk Rohde 268 Program Participants
76 Coaches
524 Members
Performance Racing Team is developed. New long-term Strategic Plan is written. Only seven sessions offered and program started earlier in the season due to Cypress closure because of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Some club members volunteer for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
2010-11 Dirk Rohde 279 Program Participants
78 Coaches
540 Members
Adjustments to the Track Attack, Race Team and Adventurers (formerly Teens on Skis) programs to better accommodate both recreational and racing skiers. Club hosts their second B.C. Midget Championships at Whistler Olympic Park on March 5-6. Club volunteers and participates in the inaugural Sigge’s P’ayakentsut. Jake Weaver is appointed Club Head Coach. Club has two representatives on Callaghan Valley Cross Country (CVXC) board.
2011-12 Dirk Rohde 276 Program Participants
68 Coaches
550 Members
The club race team has its most successful year ever, including our first gold at a Canadian Nationals event – Fred Weaver and Lucas Putnam-Rea in the team sprint. The club helps to host a NorAms event as a member of CVXC. The Saturday afternoon session is no longer offered. The club continues to win the Midget Championships aggregate trophy, its eighth consecutive win.
2012-13 Dirk Rohde 321 Program Participants
(inc. 20 Adult/Masters)
73 Coaches
596 Members
Hollyburn, as a CVXC member, helps to host a very well-received 2013 Haywood Ski Nationals, which was quite successful for the club racers. Several podium finishes were achieved as well as two year-of-birth aggregate awards. The Adult/Masters program is piloted.
2013-14 Dirk Rohde 339 Program Participants
(inc. 10 University, 23 Adult/Masters)
71 Coaches
628 Members
Hollyburn participates in its first-ever club exchange with Nakkertok Nordics from Ottawa. The Adult/Masters program is now a regular club program offering. The University/College Racing program is introduced to partner with and offer training opportunities for those attending local university or college programs such as the UBC Nordics.
2014-15 Dirk Rohde 326 Program Participants (inc. 13 Adult/Masters)
95 Coaches
649 Members
Paid Student Coaches is successfully introduced, providing club teens and opportunity to pick up coaching skills with adult mentors and be compensated for their time. 17 students took advantage of this. Worst snow season in club history. The club provided alternate training and took advantage of nearby Whistler Olympic Park and Callaghan Gold, a one kilometre track made from stored snow from the previous season, for racing and training opportunities. Coast Cup #1 races were held on Callaghan Gold. Sigge’s P’ayakentsut, which is hosted by CVXC (of which Hollyburn is a member), was cancelled due to poor conditions.
2015-16 Dirk Rohde 245 Program Participants (inc. 10 Adult/Masters)
73 Coaches
483 Members
Bad snow seasons have significant impact on registration. New Policies and Procedures Manual released. Hollyburn hosts the very successful (despite the rain) 2016 Teck BC Championships, which is the first time the club has hosted this event and the first time in 36 years that it has been hosted on the coast. This event resulted in a video being produced by viaSport Media (which can be viewed at the bottom of our home page). Race Team member Annika Richardson qualifies for the Youth Olympic Games. Track Attack program offers year-round training. Coast Cup events incorporated into club programs.
2016-17 Dirk Rohde 243 Program Participants
75 Coaches
509 Members
Adult/Masters program temporarily suspended due to lack of qualified coach. Hollyburn, as part of CVXC, helps to host the 2017 Haywood NorAm Westerns. New revamped website released at the end of the season, providing a cleaner look, easier navigation, up-to-date features and easier maintenance. Successful fundraising initiative, Hollyburn Operation Snowball, was introduced, using matching payments to raise significant funds. Hollyburn Fun Day introduced, which has the Race Team working (and playing) with the Jackrabbits.
2017-18 Dirk Rohde 267 Program Participants (inc. 3 Adult/Masters)
74 Coaches
545 Members
Adult/Masters program reintroduced. Hollyburn hosts Teck BC Cup #1. Second year of Hollyburn Operation Snowball again exceeds its fundraising target. Former Hollyburn member Emily Young (née Weekes) is selected for 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and wins a bronze medal in the women’s 7.5 km classic standing and a silver as part of the women’s 4 X 2.5 km mixed relay.
2018-19 Dirk Rohde

286 Program Participants (inc. 20 Adult/Masters)
79 Coaches
568 Members 

First session dryland, due to late snow, was successful. Club again wins Coast Cup Series banner. Adult/Masters program reworked, including discounts for coaches and volunteers, and had good participation. Family Lantern Ski continues to be a very successful event with great participation. Hollyburn helps to host Coast Outdoors P’ayakentsut, now under a new title sponsor.
2019-20 Dirk Rohde 287 Program Participants (inc. 21 Adult/Masters)
87 Coaches
573 Members
Hollyburn helps CVXC to host Haywood Western Canada Cup. The Hollyburn Track Attack group along with the Sea to Sky Nordics participates in exchange with Chelsea Nordiq. Club member Katie Weaver is qualifies for the Nordiq Canada World Cup Team. Season ends with the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the Canadian Ski Nationals.

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